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You have many rights as an injured worker

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

After you suffer a work injury, you probably know that you have a right to file a workers compensation claim, which will allow you to receive compensation while you recover from your injury.

The workers compensation claim process has many requirements and can become cumbersome rather quickly. You might have many questions or be confused about what you can and cannot do.

Therefore, it is vital to understand all the legal rights you have as an injured worker in Ohio, in addition to your right to compensation.

The right to quality customer service

As you go through the workers compensation process, you will work with the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (“BWC”). You have a right to receive efficient, respectful and professional service from all employees. Rudeness, delays or poor customer service should not be tolerated.

You are allowed a BWC approved medical provider. When you see the provider, you will learn about necessary or recommended treatments for your injury. You have a right to be considered for any of these you are eligible for.

The right to review medical records

You have a right to review medical records that are used to decide your claim. You can review your records either online or in-person, so you should not be told that you must pick one method or the other.

Part of the compensation you receive will be for your approved medical bills. You have a right to have these bills paid. You should not be billed any additional amounts over the amount of your approved bills.

The right to appeal

You might not be happy with the decision made on your workers compensation claim. It may be denied or only partially approved.

If this happens, you have a legal right to appeal the decision. You will have a hearing and an opportunity to provide additional evidence supporting your claim and argue why you should receive the compensation you are asking for.