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Can I be paid an advance on my workers’ compensation benefits?

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

A frequent concern of Ohio workers who were injured on the job and are waiting for their workers’ compensation claim to be approved is making ends meet. Since receiving their benefits can take some time, it is important that the worker understands that there are options available to get an advance on their future compensation. This can be done in specific circumstances, so it is wise to have help when making the request.

A lump sum advance could be a viable alternative

Under certain circumstances, the injured worker can seek a lump sum advance. The purpose is to let the worker have financial relief or to help with their rehabilitation from the injury. It can also be paid to a spouse whose loved one died.

Only certain people are eligible. The worker must have permanent total disability benefits, scheduled loss or a percentage of permanent partial disability. Under permanent total disability, the worker cannot do sustained work because of their injury. Scheduled loss is if the worker lost a limb or suffered from a stiffening (ankylosis) of a body part. Permanent partial disability is if there was permanent damage to a body part from the work injury.

The lump sum can be used to pay for legal representation that was needed to get the award. It can pay for reports that the attorney needed from vocational or medical experts to help in getting the workers’ compensation claim approved.

There is a form that must be filled out for a lump sum advancement. As part of the request, the worker must explain the special circumstances that warrant the lump sum being provided; show evidence that the financial relief is needed for rehabilitation; and that must match or surpass the amount owed or expected to be owed. Advancements must be repaid based on future workers’ compensation benefits and there is interest charged.

To cover for immediate costs, a lump sum advancement might help

Workers’ compensation is not necessarily paid immediately and workers could be struggling with their finances as they wait. This advancement could be paid for a variety of reasons. Since money and medical care are so often causes for concern for injured workers and their families, it is crucial to know the various ways this obstacle can be overcome. For help with a lump sum or any other aspect of a workers’ compensation claim, it is useful to have legal support at every step.