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What To Do If You Have A Work-Related Injury

We spend so much of our lives at work. According to the Department of Labor, almost 3 in every 100 workers will suffer an injury in the workplace. Even more injuries go unreported or are not attributable to an individual incident. Workers’ compensation laws help employees across America in situations exactly like this.

Your employer must maintain workers’ compensation insurance. If you are injured at or made ill by your workplace, you deserve those benefits. I am attorney John E. Mahin. I want to help you access the support you need. Let me help you focus less on legalese and more on recovery. Email me at my Cincinnati office today.

What Injuries Do Workers’ Compensation Claims Cover?

Worker injuries come in many forms. Exposure to chemicals, large machinery and repetitive actions all can cause long-term injury and illness. National regulations require all employers—including construction companies, hospitals and manufacturers—to provide workers’ compensation benefits. A worker’s compensation settlement can provide significant help to those recovering, including financial compensation for:

  • Emergency room and diagnostic services
  • Long-term medical expenses, including rehabilitative services
  • Lost wages caused by your injury

I am an experienced attorney with knowledge of the Ohio workers’ compensation and employee rights laws. I have seen the ways employers try to minimize workers’ compensation payments. As your attorney, I will protect your rights. And, I will fight to ensure your employer and insurance companies treat you with dignity and respect.

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