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Work-Related Injuries That Many Employees Suffer From

If you fell off a ladder while doing construction work or suffered an amputation while handling factory machinery, there is no question that you have experienced an on-the-job injury. However, other work-related illnesses or injuries are less obvious. For example, health care workers who lift patients every day often develop herniated disks. Welders, coal miners and firefighters may develop lung ailments after breathing in toxic substances for months or years on the job.

If you are coping with an injury or illness caused by your work activities, the stakes are high. You likely need medical care and time off work to recover. Your injuries or illnesses may result in disability. Your expenses and losses may be significant. To protect your rights to get all the workers’ compensation benefits that you deserve, consult with a workers’ compensation attorney.

How I Can Help Ensure That You Obtain Your Rightful Workers’ Compensation

I am attorney John E. Mahin. I am very familiar with all the steps you need to take to qualify for maximum workers’ compensation benefits. I also recognize that many workers are afraid to report workplace injuries and illnesses because they are afraid of missing out on the income that they need. I can advise you on how to properly document and report your workplace injuries such as:

  • Carpel tunnel syndrome, which you may have developed because of repetitive motions in your work as an office worker, restaurant worker, retail worker or professional musician
  • A lung ailment or cancer triggered by on-the-job exposure to toxic substances as a welder, police officer or firefighter
  • Mesothelioma or asbestosis caused by your exposure to asbestos on Ohio River barges that you worked on
  • COVID-19 that you contracted while working in health care settings and “long COVID” or long-term effects of that illness
  • Hearing loss resulting from your work in a factory or another loud workplace
  • Injuries to your back, knee, foot or shoulder caused by any type of labor or an accident in any type of work environment

Existing injuries that have been aggravated by your work activities may also qualify you for workers’ compensation benefits.

Don’t Miss Out On The Workers’ Compensation Benefits Due To You

No matter type of injury you have experienced through your work, you should pursue the benefits that you need in a timely, accurate manner.

Thanks to my years of experience as a workers’ compensation lawyer, I can help make sure that you file a complete claim for benefits. To schedule a free consultation, call 513-640-2633 or send an email inquiry.