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Is A Workers’ Compensation Settlement Offer Good For You?

After you have been injured on the job, your employer, their workers’ compensation insurer or the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) may be responsible to provide you with the benefits you are eligible for by law. Medical care comes first. Then, if you must miss work for a lengthy time, you may qualify for temporary disability benefits, up to 80% of your usual pay.

Other benefits, such as vocational retraining and compensation for a permanent disability, may also be available. Medical treatments for your on-the-job injury normally have no time limit. Disability benefits typically continue until you are able to return to work if that happens. For more information about your potential workers’ comp benefits in Ohio, contact the Law Offices of John E. Mahin in Cincinnati.

Ordinary Workers’ Comp Benefits: Is There A Catch?

Health care and disability pay sound good, right? Sometimes, the responsible organization may make you a cash settlement offer that you should find very attractive. A large lump-sum payment can look enticing when you can no longer work as you once did.

To protect your interests, get legal advice before accepting a workers’ compensation settlement offer.

Why Not Say Yes To A Settlement Offer?

If you accept an offer of a workers’ compensation settlement, you will be expected to waive future claims. You should get medical, legal and financial advice before signing, as described below:

  • Medically: What is your doctors’ prognosis for your long-term recovery? How often do people with similar injuries have recurrences or relapses long after the accident or onset of an illness?
  • Legally: Be absolutely sure that you understand the terms you are agreeing to. Getting a lawyer’s review is time and effort well spent to protect your future.
  • Financially: You may want to consider tax consequences and the advantages and disadvantages of giving up long-term security for the benefit of a sudden influx of cash. An objective-minded financial planner may be able to help you consider all angles.

At Law Offices of John E. Mahin, you will find candid counsel that focuses on your long-term interests. I am attorney John E. Mahin, and I will offer you the same quality of advice that I would provide to one of my family members. My insights are based on years of experience talking with clients who have faced the decision to accept or reject a workers’ comp settlement offer.

Let’s Weigh The Pros And Cons Together

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